21 Moments That Defined 1990s Fashion

The designer was the most exciting designer coming out of the London scene and he was also the most controversial. "Highland Rape," his Fall 1995 collection, featured models clad in torn plaids lace, and also the "bumster" — an extremely low cut pant, as McQueen found the most sensual part of a woman’s body to be the end of her spine.

Angela Chase in My So-Called Life, Cher Horowitz in Clueless, Liv Tyler’s Corey in Empire Records, Winona’s Lelaina Pierce in Reality Bites, Sofia Coppola’s girls in The Virgin Suicides — all characters who’s on screen style has influenced what every girl of the '90s (and today! ) wanted to wear.

There was the occasional appearance of a crinkled plaid button down shirt or a pair of barely-there denim cut-offs, but it was the overall lifestyle teens everywhere bought into. ’90s fashion will forever be stamped with a big, bold A&F logo.

Those oversize logo T-shirts and sweatshirts, the briefs with the Tommy Hilfiger logo peeking out of jeans, and the big Hilfiger logo duffel bags — the brand was everything in the ’90s thanks to the late Aaliyah, who became the face of Tommy Jeans.

After Sex and the City launched in the late ’90s and fan girl Carrie Bradshaw cemented Manolo Blahnik as the shoe to be wearing, the footwear brand was catapulted to cult obsession status.

Winona might have been the quintessential It girl, but Parker Posey's Mary in Party Girl was the dreamboat socialite of the downtown, a precursor, in style and personality, to all the party girls who followed, from Chloe Sevigny to Paris Hilton.

Paltrow stepped onto the 1996 Academy Awards red carpet wearing that now- iconic pale pink Calvin Klein slip dress and the best accessory one could ask for: Brad Pitt on her arm.

The hair, the slip dresses, those ’90s light-washed jeans that we're all coveting today — Winona was the ultimate ’90s It girl with an edge.

Galliano catapulted to fashion stardom with his groundbreaking Fall 1994 collection.

At his Spring 1993 show for Perry Ellis, Marc Jacobs sent out flannel shirts and skirts, baggy pants, floral dresses, and skull caps that led to his now-infamous firing.

With songs like Venus as a Boy and Big Time Sensuality, her seductive interpretation of triphop, and her defiant androgyny, she came to define the style and look of the European alternative scene, one that Madonna herself, the decade's earlier provocateur, would crip when she asked the Icelandic singer to collaborate on her Bedtime Stories album.

Speaking of Galliano: At the 69th Annual Academy Awards in 1997, Nicole Kidman would forever change red carpet dressing by sporting one of his designs for Dior, a flawless, devastating silk gown in iridescent chartreuse that immediately appalled Joan Rivers and upstaged Tom Cruise.

Though the 1990s and 1990s fashion are having a resurgence lately, there's nothing like the original fashion of the decade. Here, a few of our favorites.


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