Cynthia Nixon Acknowledges Sex and the City Had a White Feminism Problem

Sex and the City is not coming back (leave Miranda out of it, thanks), but if it were, one thing would be different, according to Cynthia Nixon: “We would not have all been white, God forbid,” she said during an interview with IndieWire at the Tribeca Film Festival, where she was promoting her new film, Stray Dolls—her first project to be released since her abortive 2018 gubernatorial campaign. (“It’s nice to be asked about things that are just purely my opinion.

But, Cynthia Nixon, may we direct your attention to Big Little Lies, a series whose aspirational veneer (the interior design! the sweaters! ) papers over the more insidious interplay between race, class, gender, and violence that the show is actually about?

But I think it has a lot of the failings of the feminist movement in it—in that it’s, like, white, moneyed ladies who are fighting for their empowerment. In a bit of a bubble. ” The closest thing to a working-class character, she said, was her character Miranda’s husband, Steve—“never mind a working-class woman, right?


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