Jennifer Lawrence Made a Surprise KUWTK Appearance Last Night

In the episode segment, a very amused Khloé Kardashian, perhaps taking Kris's famous advice that she should take an art class, paints a still-life of a peach (a Kardashian emblem, sort of like the snake) apparently wearing an art smock as a top while Scott Disick attempts to FaceTime Kris Jenner.

She bought Kardashian momager Kris Jenner a child-sized Porsche for Christmas in 2017; she’s dined at the Kardashian compound, though her friendship with Kim Kardashian might be “one-sided”; and even ranked her favorite members of the family (a daring move for someone still courting their friendship, but she wisely placed Jenner at the top of her list).

Jennifer Lawrence surfaces on his screen instead, describing herself as “Jennifer f—ing Lawrence, that’s who you’re talking to” and “the new Kris. ” That’s not enough for Scott Disick, who attempts to appease Lawrence by asking her, “Not that you’re not very famous and beautiful, but can I talk to Kris? ” The old Kris, that is.

Nevertheless, Lawrence refuses to cede the phone to Jenner. “We wouldn’t be having this much fun if you guys were here,” she says, glass of red wine in hand. (It’s probably this kind of harsh truth that led Jenner to proclaim Lawrence a “piece of shit” in her birthday post back in 2015.

Ever since Jennifer Lawrence confessed that she erected a “happy place” on the set of Mother! in the form of a tent where she played episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on loop, the Academy Award winner has gradually been insinuating herself into the first family of reality television.


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