The Loudest Voice Trailer Looks Like a Fox News Horror Story

The seven-part series, which Crowe stars in and premieres June 30, touches on everything from the rise of Ailes and Fox to the messy end of the media mogul's career in television, following the allegationss of sexual misconduct against him by Gretchen Carlson and at least 20 other women who came forward in 2016 as the #MeToo movement gained momentum.

Ailes's relationship with Carlson is heavily depicted in the latest trailer, where she is played by Naomi Watts. "Is Rupert [Murdoch] really as brilliant as they say," Watts's Carlson asks Crowe's Ailes, to which he replies, "He hired me, didn't he?

Last August it was revealed that Watts's real life best friend Nicole Kidman would be playing Carlson in another look at the former Fox News CEO, which stars Charlize Theron as Megyn Kelly and is being produced by VICE's Adam McKay and directed by Austin Powers's Jay Roach.

That kind of bravado is rampant in the trailer, in which Ailes summarizes the Fox Network's strategy, saying things like, "People don't want to be informed.

The network's former press chief Brian Lewis, played by Seth MacFarlane, is even more direct in the trailer, especially when he says, "Anyone outside Fox is the enemy and we do not talk about what we do.


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