Actually, A-Rod Loves Being J.Lo’s Instagram Boyfriend

Rodriguez also said that he relishes having the time to take photos of his future wife when they’re hanging out together (which, according to Lopez, is “constantly”) because as a retiree he is now freed up from his Major League Baseball responsibilities. “I don’t have to play 162 games anymore, so I have a lot time on my hands,” he admitted. “I like to have fun.

While some boyfriends would balk at having to take photos of their girlfriends when they’re out and about together, according to interviews given to People, Rodriguez takes the job seriously, and he enjoys it too. “He loves taking pictures and documenting the moment,” Lopez told the magazine.

If this isn’t enough to prove that what exists between the two is true love, Rodriguez shared (via Instagram, of course) a handwritten letter he and Lopez received from Barack Obama that reads, “Michelle and I just wanted to congratulate you on your engagement.

He’s a certified Instagram boyfriend, or soon-to-be Instagram husband, technically, which is to say: Rodriguez is the one who is responsible for snapping pics of his fiancée that make her look good, and posting them to social media.

He’s also not the only Instagram husband around town; Jay Z once shared a private mirror pic of Beyoncé (he even got the lean-down pat, to capture every angle), and Russell Wilson is no stranger to taking his love for his wife, Ciara, to the ’gram either.

Whenever Jennifer Lopez posts a photo of herself looking extremely hot, or even extremely swole, you have to remember that when she is not posting selfies there’s often a photographer behind the iPhone camera: her fiancé Alex Rodriguez.

While most boyfriends would balk at the responsibility, Alex Rodriguez loves posting good photos of his fiancée on Instagram.

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