Meet Natasha Liu Bordizzo, the Mysterious New Star of 'The Society'

With the release of the series, Bordizzo will have one of her first breaks since she was discovered, giving her time to finally sit back and reflect on this wild ride in her new home in Los Angeles. “I think this if the first time where I feel comfortable not having a clear, clear vision of my next stage,” she said. “Now that I’m actually based in L. A. and in the eye of the storm, there is so much to be done.

While many might be quick to define Natasha Liu Bordizzo as a model turned actress, she actually has a clarification to make. “I was in law school,” she explained. “Whenever people are like, ‘You’re a model turned actress,’ I’m like, ‘I’m a lawyer turned actress! ’ Just because I’ve taken a few photos!

She’s saying it all with an edge of self-deprecation, but before the 24-year-old became a rising star in Hollywood—she will star in Netflix’s buzzy teen series The Society, out Friday—she was, in fact, an aspiring lawyer in Sydney, Australia. “I was a straight-up nerd for all of my life,” she said. “I’ve always been academically focused.

Bordizzo, Kristine Froseth, Kathryn Newtown, and Gideon Adlon star in The Society as a group of teenagers who return from a school trip to discover everyone else in their town has disappeared. “I was fascinated by the whole concept,” she said. “It’s a huge ensemble, and everyone is really fucking talented.

Released in February 2016, the sequel propelled Bordizzo’s career into what she calls a “weird trajectory. ” The film was released on Netflix Stateside, but was given a major theatrical release in Hong Kong and China, making the actress a very recognizable face in the region.

I went to a selective high school in Sydney, and my whole life was, ‘Okay, I’m going to do one of three professions. ’ I’ve always been into writing and photography and even script writing, but those were just hobbies.

The series was shot on the outskirts of Boston last fall, creating a bubble not unlike the world of the show itself—albeit much more enjoyable. “It was the funnest experience of my life, but so intense,” she said. “They had to use visual effects to get rid of the redness off of our faces and noses.

The Australian is a breakout in the Netflix's new teen series.

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