Not All Plus-size Bodies Are Exactly the Same—This Brand Gets It

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All of Part and Parcel's clothing is available in sizes 14 through 36. “It was a huge, huge, huge priority to me not only that we offer past a [size] 24, past a 30, and up to a 36, but that it be fitted and graded in a way that made sense," Jonas says. "Not just fitted on a size 18 and then [scaled] upward, but fit every two sizes so that it’s really, genuinely tailored to [every size]. “We’re very focused on serving her as a human being, and not only putting clothing on her body or shoes on her feet, but serving her soul," she continues. "This is our community and this is our woman, and we’re most proud to be plus exclusive and to create that plus-to-plus community beyond the product.

That's precisely why fashion blogger Lauren Jonas felt the need to start her own brand. “It always felt to me that clothing should fit us as we are, not that we should fit clothing as it comes,” she tells Glamour about Part and Parcel, a new plus-size womens wear brand that drops on May 14.

It's an approach that's closer to custom, made-to-measure clothing than you normally see at an affordable price point. (Everything at Part and Parcel is under $150. ) For each apparel item, the customer is given the choice between two fits each on the bust, the biceps, and the waist; for shoes, coming this fall, they get three options.

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