The 'Game of Thrones' Finale Theories and Predictions to Actually Consider

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Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister both have, or had, green eyes. (Still, per Vanity Fair, that prophecy, which the show’s writers made up and was not plucked from the books, might not be meant as literally as it’s been interpreted. ) Whatever the case, there’s little chance of Arya staying out of the action the way she did this time—and having witnessed the destruction of King’s Landing on the ground, she’s all the more likely to side with her sister against Daenerys.

The Night King theory proved especially tenacious, plaguing the actor Isaac Hempstead-Wright from the moment his character became the Three-Eyed Raven; another popular one is that, just as Bran Stark accidentally caused Hodor to go mad, he was the cause of the Mad King’s madness when he tried to warn him of his daughter Daenerys’s future madness. “Burn them all,” as the Mad King repeated, an abbreviated version of “She’ll burn them all.

That didn’t stop Lord Varys from not-very-subtly trying to scheme him into power, but it will likely prove a hindrance to the early theories (supported by Melisandre herself) that Jon Snow was the “prince that was promised. ” Still, the prevailing Reddit theories right now predict that Jon is going to kill, or have a hand in killing, his aunt, given last episode’s genocidal developments.

On Game of Thrones, since the death of the Night King, humankind’s most existential threat/maybe allegory for climate change, eyes on both sides of the Narrow Sea have turned to King’s Landing, where a succession drama has been unspooling in dragon fire and military maneuvers.

From there, given that not-so-subtle allusions have been passing for character development in Westeros lately, there’s a chance Jon Snow will head north to reunite with the Wildlings; before his departure, Tormund Giantsbane told the junior Targaryen that he, like his direwolf Ghost, would be “happier up there,” to which Jon replies, “I wish I was going with you. ” As Tormund tells him, “You never know.

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