3 fool-proof ways to save your hair from pollution

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Here’s an easy hair mask recipe – all you need is 1 banana, whole milk and 2 teaspoons cocoa powder.

Give your hair some much-needed TLC with ingredients that’ll keep them nourished and moisturised and protect from pollution.

A good shampoo plays a crucial role in protecting your hair from pollution.

The city pollution can leave your hair looking dull and lifeless.

We’ve got you some the best tips to prevent hair damage that occurs due to pollution…

Your hair is equally exposed to the sun as well as pollution, and that is what brings your hair game down.

All those girls living in metro cities will know that the struggle to keep your hair game intact is real!

The Dove Environmental Defence Shampoo can be your best bet as it is specifically designed to repair and shield hair from damage.

Though washing your hair thrice a week is ideal, it is also important to condition each time you shampoo.

Use the Tresemmé Botanique Detox & Restore Conditioner that gently cleanses your hair of daily residue build-up.

Book your appointment with Lakmé Salon and enjoy the spa session your hair will thank you for!

Hair masks are the best solution for everyday hair damage.

Apply the mask on dry hair and let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing.

Conditioners help reduce frizz and soften your hair.

Your dull and dry locks need to be hydrated for them to look healthy and shiny after being exposed to all the pollution in cities.

Is pollution bringing your hair game down? Here are 3 fool-proof ways to protect your mane from getting damaged.

3 fool-proof ways to save your hair from pollution

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