Millie Bobby Brown, Famous Teen, Has Acquired a Learner's Permit

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Earlier this month, Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo conquered a major teen milestone by attending junior prom with his girlfriend; now, Millie Bobby Brown has attained one of her own, acquiring her learner’s permit—which, as any teen movie will tell you, is the real secret to personal liberation. “I passed! yay ! watch out cuz MBB is on the road… (with a parent or supervisor over 21 with a valid license lol),” she wrote, captioning a photo of herself behind the steering wheel posted to Instagram Thursday. (Which means, per Georgia state law, that she passed the written exam; she’s still got to log some hours on the road from here. ) Friends and peers alternately congratulated and roasted her in the comments: Model Karlie Kloss offered to be her designated supervisor, since, evidently, she’s over 21 and holds a valid license; actor Matthew Lewis wrote, “Like we don’t have enough crazy drivers in this country! ” (Lewis, like Brown, is a transplant from the U. K. ; Brown relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to film Stranger Things, while Lewis moved from Leeds to Los Angeles, California with his wife in 2018. ) Brooklynn Kimberly Prince, of The Florida Project, commented with a trio of car emojis; Netflix’s social media person wrote, “I have a valid license!!

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