I Tried Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Skin-Tightening Laser Treatment

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I tolerate pain pretty well, but the sharp twinges really hurt. "It's actually the ultrasound gel popping," he tells me. "Like if you put oil in a frying pan, and the oil pops. " I squirm, but I'm determined to be as tough as I can in the name of a firmer jaw line.

Still, Dugar tells me that I shouldn't be afraid of doing my nighttime skin routine. "You can do everything normal because this is not a resurfacing laser," he says.

But my best description now is somewhat like static electricity. "There are moments when you really feel the heat, but just for a second," Dr. Dugar says. "Otherwise, 90 percent of it is painless, 8 percent is a little intense, and 2 percent is a sharp twinge here and there when the heat kind of gets you.

The price differs depending on whom you go to, but Dugar says it's around $800 a session for your face (Exilis laser skin tightening can be performed on other body parts as well).

This is done in order "to get a little bit more stimulation of the collage to tighten. " My face is pretty red, but Dugar says that will reduce dramatically over the next few hours.

Dugar says I'll see results for a few weeks at least with one treatment.

When I settle into the "operating room" (what else do you call a sterile, all-white room at a plastic surgeon's office? ), the nurse applies alcohol to clean my skin before securing a grounding pad to my back.

A couple of weeks later I found myself in the Beverly Hills offices of plastic surgeons Deepak Dugar and Raj Kanodia (the same clinic visited by Kardashian) ready to watch as a laser helped my face get a bit more taut.

I've never seen an entire episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but I've seen enough photos of Kim Kardashian West to appreciate her exquisitely sculpted face and cheekbones.

If anything, I'm impressed that the doctor's mantra isn't "anti-aging" anything.

I've always relied on skin care, clean eating, and exercise to help keep my skin healthy, and so far it's worked.

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