The Hidden Message Behind Blake Lively's 'A Simple Favor' Manicure

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To create the miniature martini, Lively's manicurist, celebrity nail artist Elle, says that she started by painting on two coats of LeChat Dare to Wear nail polish in Black Velvet ($6).

Elle says she was literally going to use magnifying glasses to help her create the martini, but they were lost at the last second, so she placed the crystals in three minutes with her naked eyes.

And ever the supportive costar (and lover of a clever, hidden message ), Lively just showed up to New York's A Simple Favor premiere with a tiny Swarovski crystal martini on her nails.

Starring Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick, the movie revolves around the very mysterious Emily (Lively), her unlikely friendship with Stephanie (Kendrick), and, going by the trailer, Emily's deep devotion to drinking martinis and looking stylish.

A tiny martini glass rendered in jewels may not be your definition of a subtle clue, but Elle says that there was actually more to the mani's hidden message.

For the rest of her nails, Lively chose the gunmetal color of LeChat Dare to Wear polish in Rock the Mic ($7), since it uncannily matched the sheer, glittery black shirt she wore to the New York premiere.

What's more, "It doesn’t hurt that Ryan [Reynolds] just bought a gin company, which also plays a big part in the movie," Elle says.

Elle says, "She’s been wearing suits as a nod to her character in the movie and for female empowerment as well.

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