How Did Taylor Swift and Robert Pattinson End Up on a Date Together?

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Whether or not Pattinson and Lautner are still in touch—or Swift and Lautner, for that matter—is still up for debate, but Stewart did turn up at Lautner’s birthday party last year, so it seems there is at least one Twilight friendship that is still going strong, 10 years after the release of the first film.

Lautner and Pattinson played a vampire and a werewolf, respectively, who competed for the heart of Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, who is also Pattinson’s ex-girlfriend turned chum. (There’s also a connection between Stewart and Alwyn, who starred together in the 2016 film Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.

Recall that Swift and Lautner dated years ago (they broke up in 2010), and their relationship was public at the height of the Twilight craze, at the center of which was Pattinson (duh).

How Did Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn, Robert Pattinson, and Suki Waterhouse End Up on a Double Date?

And Perry and Mayer are connected, to be sure. (They were on and off for a couple of years before she ended up with Orlando Bloom. ) But Perry and Pattinson are also secret buds who once famously did some drunk karaoke together, a clip of which went viral a few years ago (and prompted everyone to wonder how those two became friends in the first place).

How Did Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn, Robert Pattinson, and Suki Waterhouse End Up on a Double Date?

Take the head-scratcher of Taylor Swift and her beau, Joe Alwyn, and Robert Pattinson and his maybe girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse.

The obvious connection here is Pattinson and Swift, who have at least one famous person in common: Taylor Lautner.

It seems that Waterhouse and Alwyn may actually be the two celebrities at the dinner table who did not have a direct connection to each other before Swift came along.

Delevingne is a member of Swift’s original squad and appeared in the music video for “Bad Blood,” the song that was rumored to be about an alleged feud between Swift and Katy Perry.

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