How Gabby Reece Stays in Pro Beach Volleyball Shape at Age 47

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What happens I think when you live long enough eating pretty healthy is that it feels good, so now I don’t get to enjoy the other stuff as much, because I don’t feel as good, and really that’s kind of the bummer, because it’s like oh that tasted good but I don’t feel good, I feel tired.

There’s a girl, Kaisa, whose body moves in a way that mine doesn’t, and it’s really cool to watch and inspires me, but mostly I’m following people like Tim Ferriss to get more information.

But as far as influencers that are just fitness people, I think there’s a limitation with that, because they’re not talking about the whole thing, about what fit really means—which maybe gone through and expanded because I’m an older person.

On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, we do stuff at the pool, because you can do all this really hardcore holistic training and work on your breathing and lung capacity, but you don’t hurt your joints because you’re working in an environment with no gravity or air.

For products, I use Kérastase, and I always tell people, if you’re going to be in the pool, fill your hair with water and conditioner first and then wear a cap, because it fills the follicles so they don’t turn green or get beat up.

What I’ve learned is we don’t really need that much food, so if I’m working harder, I eat more calories, because you need them to recover.

It's been decades since Gabby Reece first started setting records as a pro beach volleyball star and became Nike's first female spokesperson—as well as building a successful modeling career and landing top fitness and fashion covers along the way—but at 47, the fitness guru has barely lost a step.

Overall, now, I eat when I hungry, and I eat till I’m full, and I also notice that when I’m using food for something other than when I’m hungry—if I’m bored or stressed—I go, Okay, I see what you’re doing, and nod and try to do something else.

She did take a break, of course, to host a beachside dinner at the hotel with Laird Hamilton, her big-wave surfer husband who also leads the action at their XPT retreats. (And who brought along his own branded superfood powder to the dinner table. ) Before that, though, Reece still had the energy to explain how she has so much energy—only after she insisted on doing so standing up.

It’s a good thing if you’re not eating a high-carbohydrate diet; it’s not the best for you if you’re combining them.

Then, if it’s a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, I do a land training circuit I change each time, because your body is really smart, so you have to change it up with a different series of exercises.

But I still have that relationship where it's like, I’m healthy and I’m strong and I can do s— and I can play a sport for a long time, and that's really helped me.

But if there's work, I’m either traveling or at a meeting or a shoot or something, I just try to keep it as consistent as possible, because that’s where you get all the results.

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