Lip Gloss Is Coming Back, and These Are the Ones You’ll Want ASAP

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As with scrunchies, I never thought I'd want to wear lip gloss ever again, but here I am in a time machine, with a scrunchie in my hair and a heavy shot of shine on my lips.

It isn’t as popular as lipstick and still can't quite shake its association with velour Juicy Couture tracksuits and messy middle school first kisses (who didn’t keep a fresh tube of Lip Smacker lip gloss in their back pocket, just in case? ).

Accordingly, when we asked our editors to test and report back on all the top new lip glosses, the reviews came back positively across the board. (And yes, we did get multiple very enthusiastic "FENTY GLOSS BOMB!! " responses. ) Here are the 11 best lip glosses, according to Glamour editors.

Dior’s gloss definitely gives my lips a natural-looking plump, and I love that it comes in so many different finishes.

Blame Rihanna, who makes everything look good (her Gloss Bomb is one of her best-selling Fenty products), or Glossier, which popularized, well, anything glossy.

As an early-aughts enthusiast, I'm thrilled lip gloss is making a comeback. What I don't love?

Even though it’s called a lipstick, its finish is so creamy and shiny it looks like a lustrous gloss.

This is one of the few lip glosses that comes in a shade that matches the natural color of my lips quite well, so it gives them just a bit of shine/gloss without being overly glossy.

But it’s 2019 now, and we're here to report lip gloss is actually cool again.

It doesn’t dry out my lips, and the gloss consistently lasts for hours.

But I absolutely love Dior’s Lip Glow, so I figured it would only be right that my foray into lip gloss would be with its plumping gloss.

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