The Best Memes of the Trumps' State Visit to the U.K.

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Take, for example, one user who imagined that Queen Elizabeth II greeted the president wearing one of Viktor & Rolf's couture meme dresses, emblazoned with the bold, all-caps phrase, "SORRY I'M LATE I DIDN'T WANT TO COME. " (Let's not forget that time last summer when the president insisted that the Queen left him hanging for 15 minutes, even though there was video proof that it was actually Trump who showed up to tea 10 minutes late.

That might be because the drama started even before Trump headed overseas, after the Sun published an interview in which he referred to Meghan Markle as "nasty. " By the next day, he'd denied doing so—even though there's audio that proves otherwise—but the damage was done. (Which might explain his midair decision to log on to Twitter and call London's mayor, Sadiq Khan, a "stone cold loser" just before he landed in the city.

Naturally, Ivanka Trump was the first to arrive—she spent her Sunday taking in the V&A's current exhibitions on Dior and the designer Mary Quant—though Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr. , and Tiffany Trump all arrived just in time for dinner with the royal family on Monday.

Whether the royal family was happy to have them is another story. (London, for what it's worth, is once again flooded with anti-Trump protests, meaning the giant Trump baby blimp is back. ) Of course, the royals have minded their manners so far, but quite a few Twitter and Instagram users haven't been afraid to speak for them.

When the asked if he recognized a statue on display in Buckingham Palace, Trump failed to recognize it as the gift he gave the Queen last July. (Melania's memory was slightly better: "I think we gave that to the Queen," she chimed in.

Take a closer look, and you'll find Eric Trump, unshaven and stepping on his sister Ivanka's dress, as well as the oft-overlooked Tiffany Trump, who not only managed to nab an invite, but chose to stand directly in front of a "no photography" sign.

A photo of Trump's children—Eric, Donald Jr. , Ivanka, and Tiffany, plus spouses Lara Trump and Jared Kushner—quickly went viral, thanks to their extremely varied approaches to formalwear.

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