15 Nail Art Ideas You’ll Actually Want to Wear to Pride This Year

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If you enjoy playful pride looks, but want something other than a rainbow, remember that there are always unicorns. “Pride is a time for people to come together and just be themselves, no matter their orientation or gender identity," says Instagram user anicolini. "It’s a time of love and acceptance.

Remember that Pride isn't just for gay people and lesbians, but for everyone under the LGBTQ+ umbrella. "Pride is fundamentally about self-acceptance and celebration, especially in the face of discrimination, marginalization, and attempts to shame and make invisible," says IG user sfisher323. "It's about embracing diversity, creating and celebrating communities, and affirming one's right to exist, not only to oneself, but to one's community and world.

Less rainbow does not mean less love. "Pride is an opportunity for me to show a little extra love and support to my friends, family, co-workers, and community members who are apart of the LGBTQ+ community," says IG user natashagreen_. 7.

Once again, any nail look is a Pride look if it makes you proud to be you. "To me, pride means acceptance," says IG user buffbarbristol. "It’s about meeting yourself (warts and all) and moving through the world with integrity, determination, and love.

Everyone deserves to love who they love and love their life, no matter what," says Instagram user kylieatstudio33. "We need more love and pride in who we become and I fully support anyone who is happy with who they are. 5.

Daddy Long Nails wins for best IG handle and for pulling off this polka dot pastel pride look. "Pride means not saying sorry for who you are! " Instagram user s. paige. a says.

May your nails shine as bright as your pride. "Pride to me is living your life unapologetically, and not caring about what anyone else thinks of you! " says IG user __stay. polished.

And a time to have fun and be free. "Nails do not need to be rainbow! " says IG user tinacernero. “Pride honors the impact that LGBTQI lives have had (and have) on society, representing freedom of expression and freedom from oppression.

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