16 Movies You Can Watch on a Plane Without It Being Awkward AF

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Plus, it's always awkward when you're watching someone shoot heroin or give birth or have sex and the flight attendant is like, "Peanuts or pretzels? " That said, most kids movies just aren't engrossing enough to distract you from the fact that you're on a plane.

And it's actually been long enough that if you decide you want to watch this animated adventure, as an adult, by yourself, you're not being dumb.

The story is at some points hard to watch, and they talk again and again about being explicitly clear in their writing, so the irony (or maybe the point) is that the movie is people in khakis talking. With Boston accents.

This movie may not have been a critical or commercial super-hit, but as a sort of filmed play, a triptych of character studies, it works remarkably well. And it has Kate Winslet! Watch on YouTube.

Yes, a movie about and for children, but this is not a "kids' movie. " This is a clever and moving story about friendship and family and neglect and abuse and love.

There's no reason plane movies can't deal with real issues, and Dear White People treats race relations on a fictional college campus with just the right mix of satire, empathy, and anger.

Wherever you're going on your flight, we guarantee there's at least one Princess Bride fan(atic) there who will appreciate that you're caught up on all the lines so famous they're basically catch phrases.

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