Awkward: Joe Jonas Once Tried to Kiss Sophie Turner's Stunt Double

Curated via Twitter from W magazine’s twitter account….

These days, Jonas doesn't have to worry about making the same mistake, as Turner revealed that her latest stunt double for X-Men: Dark Phoenix mostly just did "finger" stunts, which is pivotal for her telekinetic character. “It’s pretty much just like, finger stunts where I just wiggle my hands and something blows up,” she added in the interview. “I actually had two because my first one broke her ankle. They are truly amazing. [But] they don’t really look like me. ” Whew.

Allow Turner to tell the awkward story: “On Game of Thrones I had a photo double that people would do double takes at because she looked so much like me,” she told the Australian Smallzy’s Surgery podcast. “It was insane.

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