Ceramides are an important ingredient in your skincare products here’s why…

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Therefore, if you use skincare products that are infused with ceramides, it will help replenish the ceramides in your skin.

If dry, parched and flaky skin is a constant concern, here’s something that will help you ease the problem — ceramides.

Ageing and sun exposure are two of the major factors that damage skin barrier and reduce the quality and quantity of naturally occurring ceramides in your skin.

Your skin looks fresh, well-nourished and properly moisturised.  If ceramides are already present in my skin, why do I need them in my skincare too?

Ceramides also help the skin protect against environmental aggressors like irritants, and pollution.

Foods such as soy beans, eggs, dairy, wheat germ, and brown rice are good sources of ceramides and will greatly improve your skin texture.

Since ceramides occur naturally in the skin, they fall under the category of “skin-identical” ingredients.

Ceramides also help to keep your skin supple.

Ceramides are the most worthy ingredient to battle dry and parched skin.

Because they’re naturally a part of your skin, ceramides are ideal for all skin types, including the most sensitive, breakout-prone, or oily skin.

These lipids form a barrier to help skin retain moisture, preventing it from feeling dry and parched.

Ceramides, simply put, are skin lipids or fat molecules that naturally occur in the skin.

Although this may not be as effective, eating foods that are rich in ceramide content may help delay skin ageing and keep it nourished.

They help hold the skin cells together by forming a protective layer to prevent moisture loss and visible damage from environmental stressors.

They are mostly used in skincare products to moisturise and condition dry skin, and also as an anti-ageing ingredient.

This will go a long way in helping your skin look hydrated, plump and retain its youthful glow.  Is there any other way to retain the ceramide content in my skin? Yes, there is.

Ceramides are an important ingredient in your skincare products here’s why…

Young skin tends to produce a lot of ceramide, which is why baby skin is usually super soft, supple and plump.

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