How to Treat a Bad Sunburn and Hide It Instantly

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Dubroff says to stick with cream-based makeup instead of powders, since powders are mattifying and could draw more attention to the areas you're hoping to hide. "A sheer tinted moisturizer with luminosity properties that's one shade darker than your original skin color, presunburn, works much better than any full-coverage foundations," she says.

For burns that need deep moisture, celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff, who works with Margot Robbie, recommends applying a thick moisturizer like Weleda Skin Food Cream before putting any makeup on your skin.

Once the area has been cleaned, apply a cold compress soaked in a mixture of milk and ice cubes to topically ease sore skin. "The cold temperature, the protein in milk, and the pH level will have a soothing and drawing-out-the-heat effect on skin," Fusco explains.

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