Iced Mocha Balayage Is the Bronde Hair Color for Summer

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While the client's hair in the photo looks extremely healthy (I mean, get into those healthy, cascading waves), Ghaisarzadeh tells Allure that the color was actually the result of trying to transform her hair after extended hard water abuse. "I first started with a Malibu crystals treatment," which breaks down the mineral buildup hard water can leave on your hair. "I had to remove unwanted minerals and hard water deposits from the hair," Ghaisarzadeh says. "Then I followed up with a B3 semi-permanent conditioning treatment for strength.

Once the model's hair was fully strengthened and prepped, Ghaisarzadeh gave her strands a break and waited a week before going in with the color. "I started my balayage hair color in the back using four strengths of Pulp Riot Blonde AF lightener, depending upon the needs of the area and B3 for strength and integrity," Ghaisarzadeh says.

After 15 to 20 minutes of processing time, she shampooed the hair again, blow-dried it, and finished with beachy waves for Insta-worthy pics. "This process usually takes four to five hours from start to finish, and I suggest a balayage every 10 months to a year, but I see my clients every five weeks for root touch-ups and toner or another melt," Ghaisarzadeh tells Allure.

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