The Best Bandeau Bikini in the World Is on Sale Right Now

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Funny enough, the first bikini I've bought since making this vow is a bandeau bikini from Solid & Striped's Memorial Day sale that actually reminds me of middle school.

My bikini box, as it’s come to be called, sits underneath a pile of things I have deemed absolutely necessary to keep but will definitely never wear again: my high school varsity track jersey, my college graduation gown, and a pair of tiny knit socks I wore as a baby.

My bathing suits started to get stuffed into said bikini box in middle school, when I decided I hated them.

The bandeau bikini doesn’t remind me of the leopard-print bathing suit top or the black push-up bikini or the insult.

Solid & Striped’s bandeau bikini top looks like something I would probably purchase at a thrift shop and wear with my vintage jeans or maxi skirts.

For one, it's versatile, with the bandeau bikini bandana top serving as something I could realistically wear by itself in the spring and summer or layered on top of a turtleneck or long-sleeve top in the fall and winter.

Even after the sting of the insult faded when puberty came and went, other things came up that made me want to keep my bathing suits at a distance.

The day before a big, crazy parent-supervised middle school party at the house of the only kid in our grade who had a pool in their backyard (New York! ), some boy casually turned to me and said, “Maybe you don’t have any boobs because you’re a vegetarian. ” As a self-righteous, self-conscious middle schooler, this stung.

The day I couldn’t find the bandeau bikini, I realized hours later that it was because I was looking in the wrong place.

The other day I was looking for a bandeau bikini of mine but couldn’t find it.

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