There’s a Typo in Taylor Swift’s New Merch, and Twitter Users Are Freaking Out

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For most people, the whole you're/your'e thing was more funny than anything. ("So much for 'Spelling is fun,' am I right? " one person tweeted. ) But lots of dedicated Swifities latched onto the idea that the typo is actually meant as an Easter egg and began putting forth ideas about what the shirt could mean. "Your’e’ on @taylorswift13 ‘s merch is because it closely resembles ‘Urie’ to reference @brendonurie??? #ConspiracyTime," one fan guessed.

The just-released shirts appear to have a misplaced apostrophe that makes the text read, "Your'e the only one of you. " Now, you may remember how, in her latest song, "Me! ," Swift happily exclaims, "Spelling is fun! " Now, technically, this is an issue with punctuation, not spelling.

She's planted so many other clues recently that fans have come up with a seemingly endless list of theories about her latest release. “I love that they like the cryptic hint dropping," she said. "Because as long as they like it, I’ll keep doing it. It’s fun.

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