Trump Only Thinks Meghan Markle Is "Nasty" When It Comes to Him, Okay?

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Eventually, after discussing everything from his feelings about the late John McCain ("not a fan") and climate change ("I think it changes both ways,") the pair came to the topic of "this Meghan Markle business," as Morgan put it, before asking Trump whether he thinks she's nasty or not. "No," Trump replied immediately.

Trump did get the chance to bring up "this Meghan Markle business" with her husband, Prince Harry, but they appear to have gotten along so swimmingly that he ended up keeping his mouth shut about it. "He's a terrific guy," Trump told Morgan of Harry, who apparently "spent a lot of time talking to Ivanka. " (About what, he did not specify.

Of course, that's exactly what the president did before taking off for London on Sunday, upon learning that Markle had once described him as "divisive" and "misogynistic. "I didn’t know she was that nasty," Trump responded on Friday, in an interview published by the Sun.

In fact, Trump continued, "the royal family is really nice"—a change from the usual tone he adopts on the topic of Kate Middleton and the rest. (Evidently, he also passed on the chance to apologize to Middleton for that time he said she had "only herself to blame" when photos of her sunbathing nude, in private, appeared in the press.

It sounds like she did, and that's okay—I mean, hey, join the crowd," Trump continued, attempting to bond with Morgan, a fellow controversial reality TV alumnus, about their many haters. "They said some of the things that she said and it's actually on tape.

Donald Trump Only Thinks Meghan Markle is "Nasty" When It Comes to Him, Okay?

Donald Trump Only Thinks Meghan Markle is "Nasty" When It Comes to Him, Okay?

Still, he wasn't finished with discussing her just yet, though his final defense (unintentionally? ) made it sound like Trump has learned his place: "She was nasty to me.

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