What Would a "Sex and the City" Reboot Look Like Today?

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The girls do some snooping, and the accounts he follows give Miranda an "alt-right vibe. " At first Carrie doesn't want to believe it, thinking if she could just get him away from his phone they could really connect, but after she bumps into him at the Fresh Kitchen in Midtown and he mumbles something under his breath about customers speaking Spanish, she suddenly gets sullen as she realizes Miranda's suspicions were correct.

When Carrie starts dating a man in a polyamorous open relationship, she can't help but get jealous and wonders if she's not quite as liberated as she thought.

In 2018, Carrie still comes to New York to work as a writer, but before the show starts she's clearly gone through some ups and a lot of downs.

Despite her relationship podcast hitting the top of the iTunes chart, Carrie realizes her own love life is more of a mess than it's been in a year after the seemingly nice guy she met at Union Pool ghosts her.

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