23 Products That'll Give You the Best No-Makeup Makeup Look Ever

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You might be tempted to apply foundation now that we've got the eye area covered, but some makeup artists say that adding cheek color before foundation is a better way to achieve the "inner glow" effect.

Before you start layering on foundation, try a color correcting treatment to even out your skin tone—you might find you don't need base makeup at all.

Completely nude lips can get lost in a no-makeup makeup look, so define them with a lip color that's just one or two shades darker than your bare lip color. This e. l. f. stain is pretty universal and looks like a natural flush under clear lip balm or gloss.

He suggests first starting with your T-zone (where most people need the most shine control) and working it out with your fingers. "You don't want to use it everywhere—only where you need it," he says. "You want your natural glow to come through. ” Obviously, if you’re Markle, you have a lot of glow (they don’t call it the Markle Sparkle for nothing).

If you do opt for foundation or CC cream, you'll want to prep your face so makeup goes on smoothly and stays put.

If you need some extra pigment it comes in blond, brown and black but if you'd prefer an extra natural look it's available in clear as well.

Urban Decay's formula lasts 24 hours, so you can apply once in the morning and use it as a primer for building eye makeup as the day goes on.

All you have to do is find the products that really work, a hydrating barely-there base, a blendable blush or cheek tint and some nude lip and eye makeup, and you can use them every morning.

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