Meet the Angsty Teen Playing Nine Inch Nail Covers With Miley Cyrus

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In the show, Jack, in stereotypical angsty teenage form, is also a punk rocker, complete with a nose ring and bass guitar—the latter of which Davenport had never played in her life. "I had never picked up a bass guitar in my entire life, and as soon as I got to South Africa, they were like, ‘Here’s the song you’re going to have to play,’" she said. "So I learned how to play bass guitar over the course of a few weeks. " It was worth it, in the end, to be able to live out everyone's rock star fantasy and play a punk show, albeit staged, with Miley Cyrus. "Miley was so awesome.

The actress has been steadily working over the past 14 years, first guest starring on episodes of shows like CSI, ER, and Bones, as well as reoccurring roles on Shameless, From Dusk to Dawn, and last year's Sharp Objects, and in films like Sisters and Noah. "I get scripts and I audition for things, because the answer is always going to be a no if you don’t go out for it," she said of her approach to picking roles, now 10 years in. " I was never not going to do Black Mirror, because it was an amazing opportunity.

This summer, she'll head to Wilmington, North Carolina to shoot Hulu's upcoming series Reprisal, co-starring Abigail Spencer and Mena Massoud, and executive produced by The Handmaid's Tale's Graham and Warren Littlefield. "It is going to be a wild ride," she said. "I’ve heard some people describe it as Kill Bill meets Pulp Fiction meets Sons of Anarchy, on acid.

When you’re up there jamming, it’s a good workout. " The workout, and the fact that they were playing a reworked song by Nine Inch Nails—a personal of favorite of Davenport's—was just a bonus. "I’m such a big Nine Inch Nails fan," she said. "That’s a big secret that nobody knows about me, but growing up, I listened to so much punk music.

The day before, after all, saw the premiere of Davenport's Black Mirror episode, "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too. " As one of Netflix's most captivating—and popular—series, the episode had already been voraciously streamed, and then deciphered online, by the show's fanbase over the first 24 hours.

Rounding out the titular cast is none other than Miley Cyrus as Ashley O. , playing a purple-wigged pop-star exhausted with fame. "I heard there would be an actual pop star playing the pop star role, but they wouldn’t give me a hint," Davenport said. "Honestly, I was really excited.

While Jack and the real Ashley O. do get to meet eventually, many of Davenport's scenes were filmed with her doll form, putting the actress's acting skills to the test. "We had a doll that animatronic and there were two guys—one was in charge of moving the head and arms, and the other was in charge of the wheels.

Luckily, Davenport says, the set itself was anything but. "We had quite a blast," she said. "I walked in [on the first day] and was doing my costume fitting and all of a sudden, I see this precious girl and her mother and I’m like, ‘I think you’re my sister! ’ We ended up having afternoon tea the next day, and then we were thick as thieves.

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