This Bride Held an Adults-Only Wedding—and Asked a Guest With Kids to Leave

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The bride's post has since gone viral, racking up more than 1,500 comments since it was posted to Reddit three days ago. "I’ve had wedding invites and save the dates that say 'we love kids, but this is an adults-only affair. ' Easy and explicit without being rude," one commenter said. "The assholes we're [sic] the ones who brought their kids to an explicitly child-free event.

The bride reiterated that her invitations requested that the wedding be adults only. "To be clear, all of my invitations stated that there were to be no children at this wedding," the bride said in her post. "But she and her husband showed up with their infant and toddler (who I think is like 3-4). "I really hate that my wedding day had to be somewhat marred by this incident.

The bride says she allowed the children and their parents to stay through the ceremony but asked her wedding planner to confront the family at the reception. "At the actual wedding ceremony, I let it slide.

Some, however, thought she could have handled the situation differently—and the bride updated her original post to add that "a few family members felt it was inappropriate to kick out the couple.

I was preoccupied for obvious reasons," the bride wrote. "I also thought that maybe they planned not to attend the reception or to have someone pick the kids up before it started.

That didn't happen, so the bride says she decided to intervene: "My event planner went to talk to the couple.

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