This Mascara Makes People Ask Where I Got My Lash Extensions

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It's called the tightline brush and you use it to prep every lash—the brand's website calls this "coaxing" which I find adorable and also apt—before using the larger, curved silicone brush to add additional coats (according to the website, a third coat is what delivers the full 4,100-percent volume increase).

Few have come close to fitting the bill, but I think I've finally found a product that gives me better-looking lashes than actual extensions, courtesy of the best beauty brand you've never heard of: Lash Star Beauty.

So instead of dealing with the lash loss, upkeep, and cost that comes with extensions, I've invested my time (and money) on hunting for my dream mascara.

I've only had lash extensions once and the experience went something like this: Endure 45 minutes of application, marvel at my newly huge Disney woodland creature eyes, then freak out for weeks while my extensions eventually began to shed (along with my regular lashes).

But unlike literally every other mascara I've tried, you're not meant to start out with the big brush and follow it up with the smaller.

At first, I worried that my normal application technique—wiggling the brush slowly through my lashes from base to tip—would gunk on too much product, but that's exactly how the brand recommends putting it on.

I discovered Lash Star's Full Control Mascara the same way I’ve stumbled upon most of my favorite things: on the Internet, along with a healthy dose of skepticism.

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Lash Star Beauty Full Control Mascara, $35, bluemercury.

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