What Is 'Midsommar' Even About?

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There's also already merch to commemorate what Aster calls "Scandinavian folk horror. " The psychedelic streetwear brand Online Ceramics has collaborated with A24 on some cult-inspired shirts, complete with the traditional Swedish maypole insignia of a large equilateral triangle with two small circles resting at the base. (They previously worked with A24 to create merch for the distributor's first big horror splash, The Witch.

He also admitted that Midsommar is "less overtly a horror movie, but it's still working in that same space. " Still, just because the film is helmed by the same director and falls under the horror genre umbrella does not mean we should go about trying to compare it to his previous work. "It's very macabre.

Cult content is trending right now, and with Midsommar, Aster appears to be on a cinematic campaign to make the tradition appear as sinister and creepy as possible, but the real Swedish Midsummer is not associated with cults, and actually does sound like a lot of fun (which is also what makes the film all the more eerie).

As the saying goes, "The brightest light casts the darkest shadow," and that certainly appears to ring true with the second full trailer for Midsommar, the latest addition to the A24 slate of contemporary horror films.

It's described in the trailer as a "crazy festival" with "special ceremonies and dressing up. " In reality, there is a Midsummer festival celebrated each summer.

The film doubles as a showcase for popular Swedish talent, including established stars Liv Mjönes, Henrik Norlén, and Anna Åström, and a Swedish up-and-comer named Vilhelm Blomgren (who will also make his television debut as the protagonist in HBO Nordic's Gösta, a series about a child psychologist who moves to the suburbs).

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