The 5 Emirates Designers Creating a Modern Fashion Scene to Watch

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But a few seasons in, Madiyah began noticing a desire in the market for more contemporary pieces rather than the couture-like gowns being produced by designers in the Middle East. “While there is still an element of occasion present in our collections, there is a stronger focus on creating tailored, daywear pieces today," she explained. "With a team accustomed to producing evening looks out of my atelier in Fujairah, it was a challenging but incredibly rewarding experience to experiment with different silhouettes and manipulate new fabrics. ” Madiyah’s collection is feminine, fun, and made for street style: asymmetric drop waist dresses with frill detail, wraparound sequins, ruffles, striped miniskirts, and more.

Seven years ago, Dima Ayad had a lot of weddings to attend but nothing seemed to fit her right: the clothing available to her were always not long enough or not big enough, and there came a moment Ayad decided enough was enough. “I run everyday, I am a healthy human, and yet I can’t find any clothes to wear! " And so, Ayad's own brand was born in the spirit of inclusion. "It's not a plus-size brand but rather I design big and I go small," she explains. "When the whole size inclusivity became a moment, people started to understand more about the brand so I was very happy the West pioneered this movement because no one speaks about it in this region. ” The collection is full of feminine colors, shapes, and textures.

Madiyah Al Sharqi should be on every influencers' and editors’ wish list. “I think what makes the Middle East so unique is that it’s a melting pot of so many different cultures, and that really inspires and influences the style of women in the region," she explained. "We have an appreciation for individuality and diversity and I think that’s reflective of the ethos of our brand. ” And did I mention Madiyah is also the daughter of Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi?

As for where Faiza sees the brand in the next few year? “I would like to develop a broader size range to cater to different women around the world," she explains. "We already developed a 'Petite Fit' last year, which refers to a size range of clothing that is made to fit women who are 5 feet 4 inches or under, and it made a huge difference for a lot of our clients.

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