You're Putting On Glitter Nail Polish All Wrong

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The sponge soaks up most of the actual nail polish leaving just the glitter behind, so it goes on dense and opaque in one fell swoop. YouTube: Kelli Marissa5.

Apply the glitter nail polish of your choice onto the edge of a makeup sponge. YouTube: Kelli Marissa4.

Your favorite glitter nail polish (scroll down below for our favorites! YouTube: Kelli Marissa2.

If you paint on glitter nail polish as you would any other color in your collection, you're doing it wrong.

SHOP IT: Base Coat Nail Polish in N'awlins, $20, amazon.

Plus, see more of our favorite glitter nail polishes here. © 2019 Condé Nast. All rights reserved.

Looking for the perfect glitter nail polish?

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