6 Ways to Be More Inclusive of Bisexual People During Pride Month

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The need for bi-specific spaces emerges from a fact that Veradonir makes clear: “Unless a parade entry or booth is explicitly branded as being bisexual, attendees tend to assume every other entry or booth is gay. ” That’s why he believes organizers of Pride events should make it clear in the advertising and branding that bi people are involved in every step of the process, including at most booths and on many floats, at parades and events. "If you are bi, just being visible is a productive means of addressing biphobia and dispelling myths and stereotypes. "If they did that, Pride would feel less hostile [towards bi folks],” Veradonir concludes. “Pride leadership needs to step up and make bi folks feel more welcome at a systemic level. ” This goes for all folks who are LGBTQIA+ — you're welcome at Pride, and you should feel that way.

Getting to know other members of your community can be a huge step when it comes to feeling more welcome. “Beyond not making assumptions about a person’s sexuality or identity, I think a great thing for [attendees] to do is to get to know the people,” says Talia Squires, editor-in-chief of bisexual. org. “I know Pride is a big party, and that's super awesome, but also, bother to go meet new people and hear their stories.

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