X-Men: Dark Phoenix's Box Office Flop Could Cost Fox $100 Million

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the latest and perhaps last main installment in 20th Century Fox’s mutant superhero franchise, tanked at the box office this weekend, and is expected to lose the studio over $100 million.

Thanks in large part to a tepid 22 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, Dark Phoenix had the worst opening weekend of any X-Men movie, and could make as little as $285 million globally, when all is said and done.

Dark Phoenix was in many ways meant to be a send-off for a groundbreaking superhero franchise that began in earnest with Bryan Singer’s X-Men in 2000.

Fox reportedly moved it to June to take advantage of a holiday in China, but as Deadline points out, Dark Phoenix didn’t even top the Chinese box office over the weekend.

Dark Phoenix was reportedly never designed to compete with massive summer fare, which makes its June release date somewhat puzzling in retrospect.

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