5 Top Yoga Instructors Reveal Their Most Closely Guarded Beauty Secrets

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Yoga for Bad People’s Heather Lilleston, Sky Ting’s Krissy Jones, Yoga Vida co-founder and wellness expert Hilaria Baldwin, CorePower Yoga’s Melissa Hernandez, and internationally renowned teacher and activist Seane Corn know that a successful beauty regimen requires the same degree of intention as a carefully crafted yoga class.

Seane Corn: I am a big fan of Annmarie Skin Care line. “A silver rich, illuminating, facial mist with hyaluronic acid with scientifically proven skin protecting copper peptides. The fragrance is BEYOND!

This helps to cool my skin, reducing inflammation and redness. "I know this does not sound particularly glamorous, but I love Aēsop’s Herbal Deodorant (which I first encountered in the bathroom at Karen Lord Pilates).

I focus a lot on hydrating with coconut water, as much as I love it, I limit my coffee intake and replace it with matcha, which I find is kinder on my skin.

Daily stretch sessions and a strong mindfulness practice no doubt offer benefits reaped by yogis and teachers alike, but as for flawless post-workout hair and skin that literally glows, well; no one is that skilled at meditation.

Normally I wake up, drink lemon water, brush my teeth, wash my face, apply coconut oil all over my body, get dressed, and leave the house!

HB: Elta MD SPF 46 tinted moisturizer reapplied frequently, The Body Shop tea tree oil facial cleanser, Estée Lauder lipstick (they have great summer colors), Too Face's Better Than Sex Mascara, and OPI infinite shine because they have fun colors and it does not chip.

I am not always sure they actually “work”, but I do think that there is something really nice about taking care of your skin before you sleep as a means of winding down and settling the facial muscles you have been using all day to get what you need to get done.

HL: Your natural skin, your natural hair, your genuine smile, your true words and your laugh are the most beautiful beautiful beautiful parts of you; don't cover them up.

HB: Definitely, I am a firm believer that we are what we eat and proper nutrition improves our skin, nail, hair and energy levels.

MH: Celebrate and showcase your features that you love, drink mad amounts of water and get your beauty rest!

MH: Tons of water throughout the day, Dandelion root tea (I drink 2-3 cups every night before bed), tons of fruits and veggies, and a good facial at least once per month, if you can swing it!

I love my wetbrush—my hair gets super tangly and the wetbrush doesn’t damage your hair when it’s sweaty.

I also drink a high quality super food drink from Purium and take vegan protein pills and B12 daily. KJ: Yoga and water.

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