Book Club Cast Had a Reunion in Diane Keaton’s “Home That Pinterest Built”

Curated via Twitter from W magazine’s twitter account….

Last night, June 10, Fonda tweeted out a photo of the ladies at a dinner at Keaton’s home. “She calls it the home that Pinterest built,” Fonda wrote. “And it’s as unique as she is. ” Bergen posted the same photo to her legendary Instagram, @bergenbags, writing, “Another Women of Book Club Reunion–this time at Ms Keaton’s astounding house which Jane had to bully her into.

She kept a physical library of reference images for years, describing herself to AD as a “magazine tear-sheet addict. ” Though she’s often associated with the breezy open-air designs of a Meyers set, her taste skews weirder (she calls it “junky”). “Nancy has incredible taste, but I’ve always been into old Spanish,” Keaton told the magazine. “I did a couple of Frank Lloyd Wright houses, but that’s a very different style than Nancy’s.

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