Do You Want to Attend Shia LaBeouf's Free Experimental Theater School?

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In the first session you'll be challenged to consider your own tastes in entertainment, examine props, meditate on light sources, and query the properties of particular costumes. "Discover the poetry of the costume & make some decisions on how best to reveal that. Does it flow? does it interact with the light Does it whip or drag? " reads the syllabus.

Theater School doesn't even require any previous acting experience of its pupils. "All they need is to show up and have a story that they're willing to share," claims the school's website.

The syllabi for the school's first three courses—entitled "Making Moments," "Constructing Short Narratives," and "Creating a Piece"—are helpfully posted online.

Eventually you'll break into groups to do exercises based on just two lines from an obituary, which seems odd, but in the next class you'll mostly spend time considering the narrative possibilities of a fictional obituary of a man who hit his head as a small child and lost the ability to form memories.

INTRODUCTIONS, May 2015 Draping his rat tail over his shoulder, LaBeouf appeared before a literal green screen and delivered a series of monologues developed with the 2015 class of art students at London’s Central Saint Martins for a collaboration with the university’s fine arts program.

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