Gabrielle Union Just Cut Her Hair Into a Short Shag for Summer

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Emma Roberts was all smiles when she posted a photo of her new hair color and style — what she calls "sunrise blonde and whisper waves" — on Instagram.

And although she apparently had intended to stay brunette, a new acting gig had other plans for her. "I swore I wouldn’t do this to my hair again … but new movie, new hair," Williams wrote in a caption on Instagram that accompanied a photo of her new golden, beachy look. "Back to blonde and back to work.

Either Kate Hudson knows the secret to super-fast hair growth, or she was hooked up with some especially excellent extensions to add length to her bob. "I got hair! " she wrote in the caption of an Instagram photo showing her past-the-shoulders, middle-parted style, which was created by stylist Gregory Russell.

The "Sorry Not Sorry" singer took to her Instagram Stories on April 11 to show off her new short strands, captioning the post, "new hair, who dis? " Going into a new season it's always fun to switch up your hair, so we can definitely see why Lovato wanted a fresh look.

It's a start contrast to the chocolate-brown, sleek, straight, shoulder-length look she'd been wearing recently, but duty calls. “Emma needed to go light again for an upcoming project she’s working on," explains Nikki Lee, cofounder of Nine Zero One salon. "Instead of doing the typical bright blonde, we went for a 'boho sunrise' tone —something that felt a bit more undone and effortless.

The Red Table host has dabbled with the hue before in the form of highlights, but this is the first time we're seeing her rock a truly light overall blonde color; naturally, we're 100 percent obsessed. "When that Sandy blonde drip you use to rock in the 90's still goes hard✨," she wrote in the caption of her grand Instagram reveal, which is racking up likes by the second.

Sheindlin has apparently grown out her hair a bit and has been wearing it in a low ponytail, her highlighted bangs brushed back off her forehead. "I think it looks great," one Twitter user wrote. "Very RBG!

The 17-year-old supermodel took to Instagram for her big reveal, captioning the post, "the drama cut by @guidopalau @sandyhullett. " Previously, her dark strands had been down to her shoulders in a no-frills style, but now she's sporting a full-blown bob and it's a refreshing departure from her signature look.

Blair posted her look on Instagram, writing, "'A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life' — Coco Chanel. " She also shared a cute slow-motion clip of McMillan blowing out her hair.

We changed her color earlier this week and this morning we chopped off her hair," Abergel wrote on Instagram.

For her latest shade switch, however, the Aussie actor might have been inspired by other celebrities who've recently been bitten by the brunette bug like Charlize Theron and Emilia Clarke. "Brunette is back ????????," she wrote on Instagram — but for how long, we'll just have to wait and see.

The actor visited Nikki Lee at Nine Zero One salon to update her color for spring. "After going 'winter white,' we decided to turn Hilary's color into 'sunlight,'" Lee says of the warmer shade. "She’s now a slightly rooted golden blonde with a little extra length added for fun.

Haron shared an adorable shot of the star's new look on Instagram, writing, "Fun blonde moments with @rachelbrosnahan ????????????????. " As for how long she'll stay blonde, only time will tell, but for now it's a super-fun and refreshing departure from her former look.

Gabrielle Union has spent the last few months wearing some of the most gorgeous, creative, long ponytails we've ever seen, but with summer starting, she was inspired to switch up her natural style. "New cut, who dis? " she wrote on Instagram alongside several slides showing her choppy new shag created by Larry Sims.

Bell switched out her signature wavy, medium-length hair for a smoother cut that lands just above her shoulder. "Your mom got a hair cut and she is feeling it," Bell wrote on Instagram.

Both she and stylist Chris Appleton posted a photo of the new look to Instagram, and while neither said so it’s very likely Perry’s wearing a wig. (She’s recently worn wigs in both a blonde bob style and a pink, shoulder-length look. ) But it looks particularly realistic, thanks in part to warm blonde being the color she was born with.

On Instagram, she joked about the latest look created by her go-to stylist, Kristin Ess: "diary of a girl who changes her hair a lot… ????????" — but can you blame her?

Nearly her natural color, it's hard to tell if she's wearing extensions or if her cropped cut has grown out enough for her to pull it back in a bun, but either way it's just further proof that the singer looks adorable in any traditional or nontraditional hair color.

But just before leaving to head back to the U. S. , Rose posted a photo of her latest color update: a silvery shade of pastel blue. "Major mood as I say goodbye for another year to all my friends and family back home," she captioned the Instagram photo.

Alison Brie has been a brunette for years, but all it took was a request from someone special to make a major switch. "When your husband asks you to 'go blonde' for a role… you say yes," she wrote on Instagram, referring to her actor/director spouse Dave Franco.

With her show "Jane the Virgin" about to end and a brand-new marriage to celebrate, 'tis a season of change for actor Gina Rodriguez — and what better way to celebrate than with new hair?

The duo worked together to give her strands a shiny, healthy, dark-brown color and blunt ends. "Hair is your greatest accessory!

Patience," explains Brager. "I took out a lot of weight out of her hair (weight = width of hair) without creating layers. " The lightweight cut is perfectly on trend — just ask Katy Perry and Charlize Theron, who have also recently made the jump.

And it appears that this, too, is a wig and not a dye job — just hours after Jenner posted the pink pic on Instagram, she posted another photo in which she was playing in a pool with daughter Stormi with her dark hair again, this time in what looks like a lob-length ponytail.

The brown roots peeking through at the part make it seem like she took the color plunge, bleaching and dyeing her hair; but while stylist Dimitri Giannetos didn't reveal the details in his Instagram posts, we suspect it may be a very convincing wig.

We're used to seeing Transformers actress Megan Fox with her signature long brown hair, so we did a double take when we peeped this new short blonde style.

But even though he'd already gone through with the dramatic hair makeover, he seemed a bit unsure of it, asking his followers in a poll, "Bad idea? " Based on the results, it seems most fans are looking forward to when he grows it out.

This time around, she decided to get bangs for summer — not always considered the wisest idea during the sweatiest time of year, but with the help of Nine Zero One salon's Nikki Lee, Duff proved it can totally work. "Hilary’s been toying around with the idea of bangs for a few weeks.

Before attending a Golden Globes after-party, actress Rowan Blanchard announced on her Instagram Story that she'd chopped off all her hair, which had been a shoulder-grazing lob.

In the lead-up to her new single "Me," she dyed her hair strategically pink to match with her music video.

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