I Tried to Find the Perfect Plus-Size Swimsuit With Subscription Boxes

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None that I received were longline either, and I was uncomfortable with the amount of skin showing. (Maybe one day I’ll be a bikini girl, but not this summer. ) I think if I used Adore Me again, I’d go for VIP and not the curated Elite boxes—I didn’t have an incredible enough experience with a stylist to want someone to work with me every month, and I definitely don’t need new lingerie or swimsuits monthly.

There are a handful that have expanded into this category, like Stylogic (a classic subscription box); Adore Me (a lingerie and swim label with stylists that curate boxes of three items per month as part of its Elite program).

I first fell in love with the classic-cut Amalfi in a bright cobalt blue—it didn’t do a lot for my boobs, but it was supersoft and comfortable, good for hanging out with family or going somewhere I want to feel confident but not necessarily sexy by showing off my chest.

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