People Are Praising Nike for This Photo That Proudly Shows a Model’s Body Hair

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And yet many others have hailed the move by Nike as an important gesture that allows women to be themselves. "We need more freedom in this world to do what we will with our bodies without someone trying to shame," one commenter wrote, while a different person called the photo "beautiful on so many different levels.

Some people have been put off by the image, going as far as calling it "disgusting. "Like please don't get me wrong I'm delighted that this woman is brave enough to go around like that… but that's horrible," one person commented on Instagram.

Someone else had this important reminder: "Body hair is natural, everyone has it. " As if any image of a male athlete ever got hate for armpit hair….

The ad features Nigerian American model Annahstasia Enuke and a caption that reads,"Big mood.

It's a striking image of queer Nigerian American model Annahstasia Enuke standing proudly with an arm over her head—a pose that reveals her underarm hair.

Another wrote, "This is not freedom, this is not a type of 'I love my body,' this is bullshit, shave that shit.

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