Selena Gomez's Fate in 'Dead Don't Die' Was Too Much for Bill Murray

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If you couldn't already surmise as much from the fact that The Dead Don't Die is about a zombie apocalypse, Adam Driver's character, Officer Ronnie Peterson, makes it obvious right at the start. "This isn't going to end well," he repeatedly tells the town's two other cops, played by Bill Murray and Chloë Sevigny, as they patrol the once peaceful streets of Centerville, which are somehow still sunlit even though it's night.

Onscreen, he and the other "hipster from the big city," played by Luka Sabbat, liked to hang out with Gomez in her '68 Pontiac, but from the sound of it, the trio spent their downtime exploring every corner of Woodstock. "We were all already friends, and we were away from the city, kind of isolated up there, so we'd just see what kind of trouble we’d get into," Butler said. (He opted to list their favorite wholesome activities, such as going on hikes, hanging out by the river, and playing "a lot" of Uno, rather than go into specifics.

Gomez's death may have been particularly painful, but "the horror of that kind of violence" clearly pained Murray when it came to other characters, too. "If you really commit to the idea that you have to kill your friends, you have to cut yourself off from them, that's something that vibrates inside of you, that stays in you," he continued, apparently very seriously. "You just don't easily exhale that.

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