What To Know Before You Try Microneedling At Home, According To A Celebrity Facialist

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From LED therapy to ultra-sound sessions to simply choosing the proper moisturizer, Czech breaks down the signs of overworked skin and the right treatments to achieve healthy, younger looking skin, here.

Thankfully, with over 32 years of experience in the field, celebrity facialist, Joanna Czech, who counts stars like Uma Thurman and Christy Turlington as longtime clients, is here to share her trusted remedies on how to avoid and reverse over-processed skin.

Does an increase in botox, fillers, and other treatments have a dramatic impact on the skin?

The combination of ultra sound and light therapy stimulates ATP energy within each alive cell, so for three weeks, you have beautiful, lifted, healthy-looking skin.

However, in an over-indulgent and skincare obsessed society cluttered with countless forms of botox, fillers, and endless facial treatments, it begs to ask the question—when does it become too much?

What treatments do you recommend to help reverse overworked skin?

The biggest mistakes these days is doing what your girlfriend does, because there are as many skin conditions as there are humans.

It is fantastic for all skin conditions, but after your oil, you need to follow with some form of moisture to seal that water.

Then, of course, tons of LED with red or green lights, which are very soothing, and ultra-sound, which is the warmed electra that tightens and brightens the skin.

You need to first prepare the skin professionally with some Vitamin A and C treatments to strengthen the skin a little bit.

Main skincare should happen at nighttime because your skin is about 60 percent more potent to absorb everything.

Makeup on that skin does not look good because it's not the right canvas for it.

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