'Pose' Season 2 Premiere Recap: The Category Is… Vive la Révolution

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The woman at the front desk informs Blanca and Pray Tell, who are looking to pay their respects to Kurt, Pray Tell’s former lover who died of AIDS, that individuals who died of HIV/AIDS related illnesses are quarantined. “Why? ” Blanca asks. “They’re already dead. ” It's a sobering reminder that queer lives are often discarded and disrespected even in death.

Elektra expects to be praised for her glamorous and dramatic efforts at the ball, but it's not until Pray Tell reads her for filth in front of the entire room that she realizes that skipping out on an ACT UP protest for her community so that she can show up to the ball dressed as one of France's most insensitive rulers is not exactly in line with the main tenets of family.

Pray Tell cynically reminds Blanca of the Disco Demolition Night which took place at Chicago's Comiskey Park in 1979, in which White Sox fans (most of them white men) filled the center of the baseball field with disco records and set them ablaze, in what many considered to be an openly homophobic statement of attack against queer people of color.

She expresses no remorse for not setting a good example, and she wants more trophies, so she flips a table and dumps the House of Evangelista to rule over Candy and Lulu again. "We have much to fight back against, children," Pray Tell reminds his family at the ball.

It is not until later in the episode, however, when we see a ball competition that demands French Revolution runway realness from its participants. "Poverty and abundance, personified" is what Pray Tell wants to see on that makeshift catwalk.

Patrick's Cathedral, inspired by the real-life peaceful protest that took place on December 10, 1989 in New York called "Stop the Church. " One hundred and eleven activists were arrested after they walked into a Sunday morning mass to protest the Catholic Church's anti-gay policies and the institution's spread of false information about HIV/AIDS and abortion.

Onscreen, we see Pray Tell, Blanca, Angel, Damon, and Papi participate in the peaceful demonstration, lying down to represent the neglected HIV/AIDS victims.

Elektra, who abandoned the House of Abundance for the opposing House of Evangelista near the end of the first season, turns up in an 18th century-inspired pink gown with an exposed hoop skirt, complete with a white rococo wig à la Marie Antoinette.

Blanca and Pray Tell visit Hart Island, a burial site for unclaimed bodies from the morgue or the bodies of individuals whose families did not have enough money to bury them.

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