The Ordinary Debuts Its First-Ever Face Mask — and It's $12

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If previous product drops are any indication, this mask is going to sell out in seconds (and then proceed to leave me sulking in a corner while all my skin-care friends test it on Instagram. ) The Ordinary Salicyclid Acid 2% Masque drops on theordinary. com on May 29 — you can sign up on the site for an email reminder — and on July 9 at sephora. com.

For the many serums, cleansers, retinoids, and assorted lotions that The Ordinary has launched over the years, the brand has never released a face mask. (We were shocked, too. ) Thankfully, everyone's favorite affordable skin-care brand is here to rectify that with The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Masque, a clay-based treatment that clocks in at just $12.

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