Ethan Hawke's Advice on Fatherhood is the Perfect Antidote to T.I.'s

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Considering Tip’s nightmare news cycle, it was quite refreshing to read Hawke’s thoughts on parenthood. “There’s this thing that goes around with men that they’re supposed to be scared of their daughter’s sexuality,” said Hawke. “I remember my oldest daughter Maya, when she was turning sixteen… ‘Oh, I better keep these guys away, keep a shotgun at the door’ or something… I was like, you know what, I’m going to give Maya permission to be her own shotgun.

And if you act all scared of her sexuality, how is she supposed to feel? “She doesn’t need a dad with a shotgun behind her,” he added. “She can handle herself and she can go and have a good time, and she can make mistakes and she can recover from them… We’re allowed to grow up, and if we don’t then we’re just going to live in a little tiny, tiny glass world.

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