The Invisible Man is an Abusive Ex-Boyfriend in Elisabeth Moss Remake

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Though, after 2017's The Mummy was met with jeers from critics and general indifference from domestic audiences, Universal decided to to drop the so-called "Dark Universe" project despite already having talent like Johnny Depp and Russell Crowe signed on for future installments (and the possibility of adding Angelina Jolie as the Bride of Frankenstein existing as a never-confirmed rumor repeated often in the trades).

While you could argue that Wells original story isn't amongst them, many of the original stories that inspired Universal's classic movie monsters did include social commentary in their narratives.

In Wells' original novel, a scientist (known as "Griffin") with existing evil tendencies develops a technique to render himself invisible but is driven ever more mad when he realizes he can't reverse the procedure.

Wasting almost no time, we've already got the first trailer for the initial offering from the partnership: the Elisabeth Moss-starring remake of the classic The Invisible Man.

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