Zoey Deutch on the One Product That Truly Helps Her Chronic Hormonal Acne

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She’s currently taking a “less is more” approach to skin care, but there’s one thing she swears by: “The one product that I cannot travel without because I do think my skin goes completely bonkers without it is iS Clinical Active Serum,” she says. “It’s very drying and it's very intense and stingy, but I think it’s the best product.

The Politician actor isn’t struggling with just an occasional preperiod zit; she has chronic hormonal acne that she’s been trying to tackle for eight years. “There’s not one thing that fixes it all,” she said. “You have to come at it from every angle.

On Glamour's new podcast, What I Wore When, the Politician star opens up about taking a “less is more” approach to skin care—and the product she swears by.

In fact, she’s come to a place in her life that she’s grateful for it. “I have a thyroid problem,” she said. “I keep trying to fix [my acne] from the outside in, but it’s inside out, which is mostly what it is with hormonal acne.

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