Adam Driver Was Really, Really Hungry When He Lost 51 Pounds for Martin Scorcese's Silence

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And then, at the start of the movie, they have one more leg of the trip, from Macau to Japan, and they're trying to convince their higher ups that since they had been traveling for two years, they'd been starving on a boat, and there's been disease, nothing to eat, a lot of manual labor, and people are dying, and, over the course of their journey, the Christians being persecuted in Japan increased.

Actually, Thelma Schoonmaker was cutting Wolf of Wall Street in the next room at his house, and she came over, and it was like, I think, 10:00 at night at that point, and they were gonna work all night, and it was already like a month overdue, and he was like, "They think I'm gonna turn it in on Monday," and this was like Friday.

That was the first thing that I grabbed at the end of the day, at the end of the end of the shoot was the book of poetry that I'd been writing, 'cause I didn't want anyone to get their hands on it 'cause it would be embarrassing.

I mean, I had a very elementary knowledge of poetry before I started. I know I liked e. e. cummings, like this poem, "Chicago," I really liked, and like I knew Alan Ginsberg's "Howl," but I didn't really know anything beyond that.

It's your job in a way, and when there's someone like Scorsese, who's leading it, and like you're surrounded by really great actors, and you feel like maybe the story can actually have an effect, what a f–king rare opportunity that is to be a part of something like that. I mean, who knows?

I'm like, "Yeah, sure, that sounds like a good time. " They, they wanted me to come to [Martin Scorsese's] house.

Maybe Down by Law, just 'cause I think that was probably the first movie I had seen of his, and it's just a great cast of people, but I mean, a lot of 'em have really unique things about them.

That was the first thing, "Will you, you know, come over to Marty's house and talk about this? " I'm like, "Yeah, I'll do that.

It's only bad in that scenes wouldn't work, or we'd try to figure out how to adjust something, and you have no ideas, you know, 'cause you're so hungry.

You're like, "Just, you know, I don't know.

I'm not doing anything," and I didn't know if I had the job or not going in.

So by the time they got to Macau they weren't sending anybody into Japan, so they'd already been kind of starving, and then they convince him to let them go and look for their mentor, who is rumored to have apotheosized, to have renounced his faith. This is Liam Neeson.

You're like, "I got this idea," you know?

And he asked me in that meeting, "Would you be willing to lose weight for it? " and I was like, "Yeah. " It seemed very important to the story, and it made sense.

Tell me, tell me everything. " So we talked for a long time, and then at the end, he was like, "Yeah, so okay, do you wanna do this? " and I was like, "Uh, yeah, yeah. " That was it.

I tried to do it on my own for the first two months, just lose it by myself, and that was not good, 'cause it's like all about chemicals and timing, you know?

You know, when he starts a sentence, like, "When we were shooting, you know, Raging Bull or, you know, After Hours, you know, or King of Comedy," you can't help but be, "Yeah, okay.

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