Unfortunately, We've Accepted That Those Cats Will Look Like That

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In 1970, Japanese robotics professor Masahiro Mori first hypothesized the concept of the uncanny valley: the idea that the more a robotic humanoid or computer-generated replica of a human is designed to appear realistic, the more the ways that it is decidedly not human become apparent, leading to a feeling of unease if not disgust.

Of course, the idea that perhaps the more we're exposed to it, the more the visual horror of the cats subsides, might both explain how the hundreds of people who worked on this movie thought it was a good idea while providing hope for Universal Picture's accounting department.

This, of course, is all to set up a discussion of the latest trailer for Cats, the movie in which director Tom Hooper made the decision to cover his actors in "digital fur technology" but left their faces almost human.

The oft-forgotten (but, in hindsight, watershed) 2001 movie Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was the first "photorealistic" computer-animated film, but was a box office bomb.

Some studies have shown evidence of a generational divide: older folks are still revolted by the effect, while younger audiences, raised on Pixar movies and Mortal Kombat games, don't seem to see what the problem is.

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